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Underfloor heating systems

If you want a welcome drop in heating costs, an even distribution of heat throughout the living spaces in your home and to free up wall space in your rooms, then you should definitely consider an underfloor heating system.

Two main types of system are available, electric underfloor heating with the heat generated by a wiring system and water based underfloor heating, where the warmth is generated by pipes laid under the flooring. Wiz Fix heating can supply and fit both setups and we have an experienced team who have serviced the London area for a number of years.

What are the main benefits of underfloor heating?  

There are a number of reasons why the amount of underfloor heating installations has rocketed in recent years, as more people not only want additional comfort in their homes but also that sense of added luxury.

Energy efficient

For those who are environmentally conscious and for those who prefer not to spend excessive amounts of money to heat their home, an underfloor heating system is a great option. Heat is radiated up from the floor giving a consistent temperature, at an efficient rate.

Radiators need to operate at a higher temperature (65 -75 degrees) to heat up a room but underfloor heating only needs to run at 29 degrees or less to be warm enough, thus using far less energy and putting less heat on your wallet.

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Underfloor heating systems banish cold spots

Traditional radiators are fixed to a wall in one part of the room and therefore heat up the air nearest to them as opposed to the entire space. An underfloor heating installation radiates heat evenly throughout the room ensuring there is a consistent desired temperature, and that cold spots are non-existent.  

Minimal maintenance

Should you opt to have an underfloor heating installation, you can look forward to no maintenance whatsoever. The only thing you will need to worry about is how toasty you would like your room to be using a smart Wi-Fi thermostat, and much like a traditional radiator system, you can schedule when you would like the heating to be on or off.

Free up your wall space

Radiators can take up a fair amount of wall space and dictate in a room where you choose to position your furniture like sofas or tables. With underfloor heating systems tucked away out of view, you can have free reign on what goes where and for those who want to achieve a minimalist style, its one less thing to look at.

Underfloor heating installation

When you are considering a new heating system, it is a big decision so you need to select an underfloor heating company who are going to carry out a professional fit that will stand the test of time. You should leave this job to the professionals as not only is it essential that the equipment used is fitted correctly, but experienced engineers will work efficiently to get what can be a time- consuming task, done quickly.

Should you be renovating a house, then it is an optimal time to fit underfloor heating when any new flooring is yet to be laid. Water based underfloor heating is normally considered during the building phase of a project and can cost three times that of electric options.

How much does underfloor heating cost?  

Often the main cost involved in installing heating is the labour. It can take a fair amount of time to lay the flooring and along with the compound that sits on top of the electric heating system, which then needs to dry out.  You will also need to consider the cost of an electrician to connect your electric underfloor heating to the mains supply.

An estimation from Warmup, a supplier of underfloor heating systems, advises a cost of around £75 to £100 per square metre. If you are considering finding a London underfloor heating company who can handle the entire job for a competitive price, then give Wiz Fix a call.

Best flooring for underfloor heating

There is nothing better than hard flooring to collaborate up with an underfloor heating system, such as tile and stone, which not only conduct the thermal warmth into your home and but also retain heat too.

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Additional underfloor heating considerations

As hard floors are best for underfloor heating, it does mean you may have some limitations as to which rooms are going to be suitable for this type of heating. Bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories work really with heated flooring, and they are rooms with more limited wall space so going radiator free makes sense.

Wood flooring can be used with underfloor heating but the maximum temperature that should be reached should not exceed 27 degrees. The moisture within wood can react to heat and change shape, while it can block any heat too. Potentially a better option would be laminate flooring which is easy to lay and cost-effective.  

Final thoughts

If you are keen to add that extra bit of luxury into your home, free up some wall space and reduce the amount you fork out for heating, underfloor heating is very much a viable option. Timing is everything when it comes to installation, so if you are planning or in the middle of a renovation project and have, any questions about underfloor heating or any heating system, contact us or give us a call for some expert advice.

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