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Combination Boiler Installations in London

A combi boiler is a wise investment, not only are they affordable, they are economic and will ensure your home stays nice and warm through the winter. It is worth doing your research before you decide on a boiler to see which combi is going to suit your requirements.

What is a combination boiler?

A combi boiler combines two functions in one single unit. Combination boilers heat water efficiently, directly from the mains, providing instant hot water for all the taps in your home, whether that is the kitchen sink, shower or bath. In addition to heating water, they are also a central heating boiler ensuring your home stays warm.

Choosing the Best Combi Boiler for Your Home

One thing that sets Wiz Fix apart from our competitors is our commitment to our customers. We will listen carefully to your requirements and preferences ahead of a job, answer any concerns you might have about which boiler is going to suit your home and give you some pointers to help you choose which combi boiler will work best for you.

Boiler Considerations

There are a number of factors to weigh up when choosing which combination boiler to install in your home. Energy efficiency is a key concern, perhaps more than ever before so you will want to find a boiler that ticks that box. Another primary factor is reliability as in those cold winter months, you won’t want to be let down.

Other key concerns are price, technology, after sales service and quality of components. In recent years, customer expectations have soared with constant comparisons coming out; consumers can read up on products before they go ahead and make a purchase. This has driven up the quality from the combination boiler manufacturers and extended the warranties available, which is great news!

Hot Water Tap

Best Combi Boiler Sizes

  • Small Flats & Apartments – 24kW will be more than enough to keep a flat or apartment nice and toasty. If you have one bathroom and around 10 average size radiators then there is no need to go any bigger.
  • 2 Bedroom House – A 28kW boiler is the ideal size for a smaller sized house, offering slightly more than a smaller option.
  • 3 to 4 Bedroom House – Bigger house means bigger boiler. With more radiators, on average around 15, a bathroom and en-suite to heat your best bet would likely be 34kW combi.
  • Large Houses – bigger properties have far more space to heat up, with more bathrooms that require additional hot water so opt for 35kW or higher to ensure your home is heated. If you own a large property, then combination boilers might not necessarily be the right answer so do consult an expert opinion about the best solution.

Of course, this list is a rough guide; every home is different with varying room sizes, bathrooms and other factors, so if you require a boiler installation speak to the WizFIx team about a heating solution. 

5 Key Benefits of Combi Boilers

There a number of benefits to enjoy by choosing a combination boiler over a gas boiler or heat only boilers.

  1. You can enjoy hot water instantaneously as soon as you turn on the tap, as water is heated by the mains.

  2. Combi boilers also help improve your water pressure, as the water is fed from the mains water supply.

  3. Modern combination boilers are some of the most efficient around and not just in terms of heating your home and water supply.

  4. When it comes to the cost of installation, boiler unit cost and ongoing maintenance and running costs, combis are hard to beat.

  5. Combination boilers are small and tidy units, so much so they can be tucked away behind a kitchen cupboard. You can also free up space in your home where you might have a large water tank as it will become redundant with the addition of new, shiny combi boiler. 

Finding a Reliable Combination Boiler Installer in London 

When making an investment in a combi boiler, you need to find a trusted, gas safety supplier such as WizFIx. Our boiler installation service will cause you minimal disruption and ensure that you receive a professional job. With any WizFix boiler install, you get a 12-month warranty for your total peace of mind. We are also entirely independent and so we are not tied to any manufacturer, which enables us to fit the best possible boiler in your home.

If you have any questions about combination boilers or you would like us to provide a quote for an installation, then please get in touch.

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